Casperlight believe that the key to building a successful channel is to cultivate an organic and genuine following. Using YouTube analytics, our growth management services optimise the channel exposure to core demographics, creating vast increases in viewership, retained viewership and subscriber base. Through our astute market awareness and years of industry experience, Casperlight’s team work effortlessly to ensure that all content receives the audience it deserves.



Videos are tagged to help generate exposure of your content to relevant demographics who may be interested. Being a pre-established brand means you will likely have a good idea of who this demographic is. Making it essential they are reached by using the correct meta-data!


Grabbing a viewers attention is essential, the title is one of the most important deciding factors in this process. We incorporate standout features of your brand wherever possible to ensure that the opportunity to grasp aware but unengaged, or new viewers is not missed!

Growth Analysis

Quarterly Analysis is carried out to ensure growth is achieved at the highest standard. This enables us to constantly tweak and maintain these back-end features of your channel which can act as a vital catalyst in achieving growth!


Copyright Claims

Popular content can be re-distributed by on the platform through unlicensed third-party uploaders, and keeping on top of this can be a tedious and difficult process if mismanaged. We monitor the platform daily using built in YouTube content identity features and act immediately if content becomes copyrighted or duplicated- ensuring that it is deleted and the offending accounts are blocked or removed from the platform.

Monitoring of
Restricted Content

Often content becomes wrongfully restricted by the YouTube platforms algorithm and can lead to channel owners missing out on revenue or even having some content demonetised. We are alerted to this when it happens and can act swiftly to request derestriction and negating any missed income which may arise as a result!


Secondary channel creation is a fantastic way to segment your content or diversify your content creation and present to a new audience with entirely new revenue opportunities! Whatever your reason, Casperlight specialise in channel set up and we can guide you in how to use your existing channel to drive viewing or subscribership metrics, kick-starting your new channel growth!


What is the YouTube algorithm?

The formula is the bedrock to YouTube's success, it is how the platform promotes the most successful and famous creators, optimizing their most profitable content. Our continuous research and expertise of the algorithm formula ensures that meta tagging trends are constantly reflected in your algorithm management, giving your channel the best possible change to grow and succeed.

Will I lose control of my account?

No. We request that you grant 'Manager Access', meaning that your password, and admin control of your account remains confidential and entirely in your hands.

Is my channel guaranteed to grow?

In short- yes! All of our management services are designed with the objective of optimising content and channel exposure. We enable you to continue to create more great content safe in the knowledge that we are looking after all of those time-consuming admin tasks that can often take the fun out of being a creator, and helping your channel to flourish in the process!