Our main focus is on providing a high-quality editing service for Youtube Creators, but our abilities do not limit us to this audience. Casperlight possess the production capacity to undertake post production work for corporate, brand, web and other social based videos for those outside of the direct ‘Creators’ market.

Users of the Casperlight editing service will provide raw, unedited content (maximum length provided varies with production length) for our team of editors to turn into a professional, high quality video which is instantly available for upload to any content streaming platform.

Dedicated Client Management

All editing clients are placed in direct contact with a Casperlight client manager the moment they post an enquiry. This individual is tasked with keeping you up to date on the progress on your edit, completing any changes required, and ensuring that your experience with is as simple and worry-free as possible!

FLEXIBLE Amendments

We understand that your vision of the perfect video may differ slightly to ours. As such, we offer unlimited creative amendments for each edit commissioned,  until you are completely satisfied with your product! These amendments come at no extra cost, however they may mean we exceed your deadline!

Professional PRODUCTION

All of our video production and editing team operate with years of creative industry experience behind them! This ensures that the content we create for you looks professional and is of the highest possible viewing quality. We work hard with your channel and previous content to ensure that all of the features that make you and your channel content unique remain, whilst optimising overall video production!

Delivery Guarantee

We ensure that we always deliver your edit by the agreed deadline. Often, we are able to provide a first draft before your specified production window ends, which gives us enough time for any additions or amendments you request!

Quality Control

The role of our client managers involves getting to know your channel, content and often brand. This allows us to build using tools provided by you, and create amazing content edits which we know you will love. Client managers will oversee the production process, and will ensure that the very first edit you see is one which we believe you will love, reducing the need for multiple amendments and allowing for a fluid, easy and highly satisfactory production process!

Relax or Create More!

The fundamental reason we offer the service here at Casperlight is that it enables you as creators to outsource the laborious, lengthy side of content creation, and free up extra time to either relax, or go out and create more! As channel growth experts we strongly advise that creating as much content as you can is the best possible way to attract new consumers, or engage with your audience more- so use the newfound time wisely and rest assured that your post-production service is safe in our hands!








Our 5 Step



Your designated client manager creates an access sheet and communication platform, where you will submit all editing requests, amendments, questions or queries!


For any video production to commence Casperlight will need footage and a short brief. The first step is for the client to upload any footage they have to the designated G-Drive in a clearly labelled folder.


The creator is to then provide any additional information regarding the video footage they have uploaded to their client manager.


Once the edit has had a final review and is completed it will be signed off in-house before uploading privately to youtube for client approval. Only after client approval the video will be made public or scheduled for upload. Along with relevant title and video info added.


If the client requires amendments then the editors priority is for a quick turnaround time. Amendments are done so within reasonable expectations.


Sam Thompson

"You guys are amazing!! The go to place for anything youtube"

50 Thousand Subscribers


“Cracking team, we are very happy with our finished edits"

10 Million Subscribers

Harry Baron

"Very happy with what was produced, they’ve gone above and beyond!"

10 Thousand Subscribers


What does Casperlight offer?

Casperlight offers a comprehensive editing service, with an ability to produce all manner of high-quality videos. Our team has experience in vlogs, lifestyle videos, sports showreels, children’s entertainment and gaming content, allowing us to offer our services to a wide range of creators!

Who will be editing?

The Casperlight team includes professional editors each with at least 5 years of professional experience behind them! Clients will be assigned the editor which we think fits their content style the best, and also a client manager who will oversee the process, and make sure their clients are always happy and comfortable with the service!