Of the 25 top grossing YouTube channels in 2018, just 5 were recognised Corporate Brands.

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As a brand, it is essential to continuously adapt to the market innovation and demand. The move from Televised to online content distribution is at the forefront of the modern corporate content industry, enabling audiences to consume scaled down chunks of content at their own leisure.


YouTube presents brands with an opportunity platform not only to distribute new engaging content, but to re-monetise their existing or past productions.

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Content of any length can be segmented or clipped into smaller highlights which maximise total viewership on the YouTube platform. There also exists possibilities to upload full-scale productions.


The beauty of a brand channel is the established brand itself! Incorporating your identity into eye-catching graphic design grants your channel a recognisability which springboards initial uptake in subscribers and viewership. It also facilitates an opportunity to build on a strong brand image in your content, meaning that in the long-run your content will be uniquely identifiable and attractive to prospective viewers.


Brands who already produce video content for other media channels have the unique opportunity to repurpose hours of pre-existing content for the YouTube platform. This content can be clipped, shortened and edited into smaller consumable clips for YouTube viewers to watch on your channel, offering a wealth of nostalgic or highlight-reel style content to upload and be enjoyed instantly!


These videos are then uploaded and shared with on the YouTube platform generating huge exposure- re-engaging old audiences and capturing new. Creating a strict upload schedule is a key feature of the exposure process- ensuring that your content appears periodically, consequently always seeming fresh, new and exciting!



Videos are tagged to generate exposure within your current target demographics. Being a pre-established brand means that you probably have a pretty good idea of who that demographic is; which of course makes us far more efficient when building the best algorithm to target them!


Grabbing a viewers attention is essential, the title is one of the most important deciding factors in this process. We incorporate standout features of your brand wherever possible here to ensure that the opportunity to grasp aware but unengaged, or new viewers is not missed!

Growth Analysis

Quarterly Analysis is Carried out to ensure growth is achieved at the highest standard. This enables us to constantly tweak and maintain these back-end features of your channel which can act as a vital catalyst in achieving growth!


Copyright Claims

Popular content can be redistributed on YouTube by unlicensed third-party uploaders. Keeping this content regulated and demonetised can be a long and tedious process when mismanaged. We monitor the platform daily using built in YouTube content identity features and act immediately if content becomes copyrighted or duplicated- ensuring that it is deleted and the offending accounts are blocked or removed from the platform.

Monitoring of Restricted Content

Often content becomes wrongfully restricted by the YouTube platforms algorithm and can lead to channel owners missing out on revenue or even having some content demonetised. We are alerted to this when it happens and can act swiftly to request derestriction and negating any missed income which may arise as a result!


We understand the importance of including your brand message in your content. Our team get to know your brand and constantly monitor all uploads or engagements for negative or potentially damaging content. Ensuring that your audience sees the real you!